We recently spent a fantastic afternoon coasteering around the coastline near St. David’s, Pembrokeshire (which incidentally happens to be Britains smallest City). Alun, from Dragon Activities, expertly guided us down a steep, winding fishermans path to the base of the rugged Welsh coastline and the waters edge, where we took it in turn to throw ourselves into the clear sea. Surprisingly it wasn’t cold…..mind you….that may have been the kit that Alun had provided….a thick wetsuit, wetsuit gloves and socks, trainers, a bouyancy aid and a helmet! Nice! If you’re a top class wuss like me and think its going to be wet and cold then fear not…it was so exhilarating and refreshing, clambering along the baseline of the magnificent cliffs, swimming into caves with emerald green waters; jumping and diving into the water where safe and learning about various creatures and algae. Our groups difference in ages and ability was catered for nicely with jumps of varying heights….20 ft for the braver team members and 2 ft for me! Dragon Activities offer tailor made sessions for groups, including kayaking, climbing and surfing. They are also willing to travel around the coast to meet up with you closer to Mill Haven Place if there’s a few of you. I’d definitely recommend this activity if you’re heading to Pembrokeshire! To arrange your own Coasteering experience we’d definitely recommend the guys at Dragon Activity guides, they also do other coast based activities such as kayaking.climbing and surfing…. contact: info@dragonactivityguides.co.uk www.dragonactivityguides.co.uk